Shipping a social app

This week we shipped Tellybug. This isn’t the first product I’ve shipped, but somehow this one feels different.

Before this, I’ve shipped software that’s used in hundreds of millions of phones, shipped complete phone projects, shipped marketing programs and shipped iPhone apps and web sites. None of these have felt like shipping Tellybug, our new social TV app.

So what makes shipping Tellybug feel so different?

There’s plenty of candidates: shorter delays between finishing the code and having it in user’s hands; being part of a much smaller team; the joy of seeing something new come to life.

But I think the real reason is that Tellybug is social, and that means I can see what our users are doing, and even their faces, in the app itself.

So each time I load up Tellybug now, I get a “oh wow” moment as I virtually meet all these lovely users. I’ve never had that in a previous product, and it feels different.


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