Shipping sucks

We pushed Tellybug into the app store last week, and over the weekend it went live. Today the Guardian covered the app, and we started to pick up users. Great! Isn’t this the dream of every startup, the goal of every engineer: product shipped?
Of course it is. But still, shipping sucks.

Here’s just some of the ways shipping sucks:

  1. It’s just not ready! Whenever you ship, you know all the ways things could be improved, all the rough edges, all the places where it doesn’t live up to your original vision.
  2. Users! Now you have users, each with their own views on your masterpiece. And since this is v1, most of them won’t be complimentary.
  3. No users! Even worse than users is having no-one admiring your new baby. Why aren’t people flocking to use this revolutionary new product?
  4. Taxes! If you’ve been avoiding paying your programming taxes, this is where it all comes back to bite you. No monitoring? No crash logging/reporting? Oh dear.
  5. Marketing! No longer enough to sweat over code, now you need to promote your new product left right and centre. And sweat over the code.

See? Shipping sucks. But there’s something that sucks worse.  Not shipping.

So I’m glad we shipped Tellybug, even though now there’s a million things to do to keep it running and fix all the things that we didn’t get done for v1.


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