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A post a day

This post is about regular posting – and changing behaviour. I believe under international law all bloggers are allowed one post about how difficult posting regularly is – this is my contribution to the oeuvre!

A while back I resolved to post more regularly, but as the evidence here shows that resolution was a failure. Then recently I finished reading Switch – How to Change Things When Change is Hard. Changing into a regular poster certainly seemed hard, and I knew I’d failed before. Could Switch help me?

A few key ideas seemed like they could help:

  1. Shrink the Challenge. Instead of trying to post regularly forever, make it for a week
  2. Black and White goal. Instead of posting regularly, change to post every work day. No wiggle room there!
  3. Celebrate progress. Note I’m posting this on Wednesday, having already made 2 posts this week. Yay, I’m 40% of the way there!
  4. Instant habits. Set an “action trigger” for when I’m going to write a post each day. For me, it’s after each day’s scrum meeting.

I don’t yet know if I will succeed in changing into a regular blogger, but so far the techniques seem to be working. More on Switch in a future post…